Getting to Know You

At Tooth Story we take extra time to get to know each patient. This little one was nervous to come to the dentist. Our experienced and talented assistant, Denise, took time to learn her favorite character. They practiced brushing and counting Minnie’s “teeth”. Afterwards, this little sweetie was in the chair ready for her turn!

Happy Birthday Kayla

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our super sweet assistant Kayla!

Now let’s get to know your dental assistant a little better 😁

1️⃣Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall? 
Kayla: It HAS to be under!! 🤣

2️⃣What’s your favorite season and why? 
Kayla: SUMMER! I enjoy being out in the ☀️ by the pool or the lake 🌊

3️⃣Dog person or cat person? 
Kayla: Definitely a 🐶 person

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Superhero Day

Celebrating National Superhero day. 

As you can see it’s a staff favorite. And remember, there’s a superhero in all of us!!!

Not brushing makes The Incredible Hulk mad…sugar bugs get the Hulk Smash!!!

Elastigirl and Jack-Jack are letting everyone know that baby superheroes should have a dental home by age 1️⃣.

Wonder Woman fighting crime and cavities at Tooth Story.

Black Widow and the Avengers are the “endgame” for sugar bugs 😂

Dr. Batgirl and Robin love teaming up to give all our junior superheroes cleanings and sealants…BOOM, POW, WHAAAM, KABOOM!!!

Best be on your way plaque and tooth decay…Black Panther is on the prowl to save the day 😼

Captain “Miss” America is enforcing her shield of fluoride and sealant protection 🛡

April O’Neil from Channel 6 News just reported a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sighting in the Little Apple. Raphael dropped in to say hi to everyone at TOOTH STORY…COWABUNGA, DUDE!!!

Up, up and away…it’s a 🦅, it’s a ✈️, it’s Super Woman. Bad news sugar bugs, Super Woman is your KRYPTONITE!!! 💎

Spider Woman’s “spidey senses” are saying your kids will have a web-spinnin’ fun time at TOOTH STORY!!!

Dr Batgirl’s mission is to ensure all little superheroes’ smiles are healthy and happy…just like mini Batgirl 🤩

Happy Birthday Betzy

🎉🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our super sweet and huge NBAChicago Bullsand Michael Jordan #23 fan Betzy!!!

Now let’s get to know your dental assistant a little better 😁
1️⃣ What is your favorite 🥛🥣 cereal? Cheerios 🍯🐝
2️⃣ How do you like to start your day? With 🎶 and ☕️
3️⃣ What is your favorite season? Summer because I get to wear shorts and flip flops and the ☀️ is shining brighter and it reminds me of home in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Purple Up for Military Kids

April is #MonthoftheMilitaryChild and we ❤️ getting 💜Purpled Up for Military Kids💜 to show our support!!! THANK YOU military families for your strength and sacrifices!!! 

Purple symbolizes the combined colors 💙❤️💚=💜of all branches of the military: Army (green), Coast Guard (blue), Air Force (blue), Marine (red) and Navy (blue). 

It is our pleasure to serve as the dental home to so many military children in our community. At Tooth Story, we hope that we help make your time stationed in Kansas the best that it can be! THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Happy Birthday Jackie

🎉🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our new momma Jackie (pictured with baby KJ)!!!

Now let’s get to know your office manager a little better 😁
1️⃣ Where is your favorite place to eat local? 🌮Taco Lucha and 🍔 JP’s Sports Grill
2️⃣ What’s your go-to karaoke 🎤 song? I love me some Shania Twain 🔥
3️⃣ As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? ⚡️STORM CHASER ⛈ After watching the movie Twister, I was obsessed with🌪tornadoes🌪. I’ve lived in Kansas my entire life and actually never 👀 one!?!